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Takeout Menu
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Available: Sun - Thur 11 am to 10 pm; Fri & Sat 11 am to 11 pm
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1. Edamame
Boiled green soy bean.
2. Spicy Edmame
Green soy bean with seven spicy sauce
3. Egg Roll $3.95
4. Gyoza
Pan fried or steamed Japanese chicken or pork dumplings.
5. Vegetable Dumplings
Mixed garden vegetable on steam
6. Crab Puffs (5 pc.)
Crispy puffs with crab meat & cheese.
7. Agedashi Tofu (6 pc.)
Crispy light tempura fried tofu with house special sauce.
8. Yamasa Fish Cake
Fish cake with green onion tempura style
9. Shrimp Shumai (6 pc.)
Steamed shrimp dumpling.
10. Harumaki (4 pc.)
Crispy Japanese spring rolls with vegetables.
11. Vegetable Tempura
Assorted vegetables in a light crispy tempura batter with ponzu sauce.
12. Shrimp Tempura (6 pc.)
Light battered shrimp deep fried with vegetables.
13. Soft Shell Crab
Fried soft shell crab with ponzu sauce.
14. Beef Negima
Grilled thin sliced rib eye rolled with fresh scallions, served with a light soy teriyaki sauce.
15. Jalapeno Lover
Crabmeat, jalapeno & cream cheese in tempura with special sauce.
16. Fried Calamari
Crispy squid in light tempura batter with 2 kinds of sauce.
17. Hamachi Kama
Grilled fresh tender yellowtail cheese with spicy ponzu sauce.
18. Grilled Chilean Sea Bass
Grilled Chilean sea bass marinated in miso dressing.
19. Japanese Takoyaki
Octopus meatball top with mayo and sweet sauce
20. Crispy Salted Chicken
Salt pepper with crispy chicken

Yummy From Sushi Bar
21. Baked Salmon (2 pcs.)
Snow crab with fresh salmon topped with masago creamy sauce, baked & drizzled with special sauce.
22. Pepper Tuna
Thin sliced marinated tuna with ponzu sauce & green onion.
23. Special Beef Sashimi
Thin sliced Angus beef with special sauce & green onion.
24. Tuna Tartar
Chopped fresh tuna, crab meat salad topped with quail egg, green onion, avocado & seaweed with house special sauce.
25. Usuzukuri
Thin sliced fresh sea bass served with spicy ponzu sauce with tobiko on top.
26. Octopus Carpaccio
Thin sliced octopus topped with green onion, ikura, sesame seed, radish sprouts, ponzu & special sauce.
27. Orange Jalapeno Yellowtail
Slice oranges & jalapeno on top fresh yellowtail with tobiko & ponzu sauce.
28. Volcano Stone Beef
Slice thin Angus beef, grilled on volcano stone with butter.
29. Yoko Special
Crabmeat, sprout & avocado wrapped with tuna topped with crispy garlic drizzled sauce.

Organic Soups & Salads
30. Miso Soup
Soybean soup with dry seaweed, green onions & tofu.
31. Onion Soup
Chicken broth soup with mushrooms & crispy onion.
32. Seafood Miso Soup
Miso soup, white fish, clam, shrimp, seaweed, tofu & green onions.
33. House Green Salad
Mix fresh green salad topped with house special dressing.
34. Seaweed Salad
Marinated fresh seaweed salad.
35. Ika Salad
Marinated squid with vegetable.
36. Green Mountain
Assorted fresh fish in a light crispy tempura batter on top of seaweed salad with 2 kinds of sauce.
37. Cucumber Salad
Crabmeat & cucumber.

Ramen & Noodles
38. Tonkotsu Ramen
Roasted pork belly, seasoned boiled egg, butter corn, fish cake, bamboo shoots, lettuce, green onion.
39. Miso Ramen
Miso pasted, roasted pork, boiled egg, butter corn, bamboo shoots, lettuce & green onion.
40. Spicy Miso Ramen
Spicy miso paste, roasted pork, boiled egg, butter corn, bamboo shoots, lettuce & green onion.
41. Seafood Ramen
Shrimp, mussels, crab meat, fish cakes, butter corn, lettuce & onion.
42. Nabeyaki Udon
Udon, dash broth, chicken, beef, tempura shrimp, seasoned egg & veggie.
43. Yaki Udon
Stir fried udon, veggie, choice of chicken of shrimp.
44. Yaki Soba
Stir fried Japanese egg noodles, veggie, choice of chicken or shrimp.

Japanese Don
JD1. Beef Don
Sliced angus beef with sukiyaki sauce over rice.
JD2. Tuna Don
Chopped spicy tuna and green onion over rice.
JD3. Salmon Don
Chopped spicy salmon and green onion over rice.
JD4. Unagi Don
Fresh water eel over rice.

1 piece Nagiri Sushi or 3 pieces Sashimi for add'l charge
45. Fresh Salmon (Nama Sake) $2.25
46. Smoked Salmon (Sake) $2.50
47. Tuna (Maguro) $2.50
48. White Tuna (Shiro Maguro) $2.25
49. Super White Tuna (Escolar) $2.25
50. Pepper Tuna (Koshou Maguro) $2.50
51. Red Snapper (Tai) $2.25
52. Ocean Trout (Masu) $2.50
53. Octopus (Tako) $2.50
54. Squid (Ika) $2.25
55. Crab Stick (Kani Kama) $2.00
56. Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) $5.00
57. King Salmon $2.85
58. Yellowtail (Hamachi) $2.50
59. Yellowtail Belly (Buri No Hara) $2.80
60. Sea Bass (Suzuki) $2.50
61. Mackeral (Saba) $2.25
62. Fresh Water Eel (Unagi) $2.75
63. Scallop (Hotate) $2.50
64. Surf Clam (Hokkikai) $2.25
65. Shrimp (Ebi) $2.00
66. Smelt Roe (Masago) $2.00
67. Salmon Roe (Ikura) $2.50
68. Egg Omelet (Tamago) $1.75
69. Sea Urchin (Uni) $5.00
70. Chu-Toro $4.50
71. O Toro $6.50
72. Uni Shooter (Sashimi Only)
Fresh uni with masago with chef special sauce.

Sushi & Sashimi Combo
Served with onion soup or salad.
75. Roll Combo A
Crunchy crabmeat roll, tiger eye roll & shaggy dog roll.
76. Combo Roll B
Spicy tuna roll, spider roll & murphy roll.
77. Combo C
10 pcs. (Chef's choice) sushi & ichiban roll.
78. Combo D
12 pcs. (Chef's choice) sashimi & shaggy dog.
79. Combo E
6 pcs. sashimi, 10 pcs. sushi from Chef's choice & spicy roll.
80. Chirashi
Assorted fish sashimi over seasoned sushi rice.
81. Outlet Love Boat
15 pcs of sashimi, 12 pcs of sushi (Chef's choice), choice of 2 regular rolls.
82. Yoko Special Love Boat
18 pcs. sashimi (Chef's choice), 16 pcs. of sushi (Chef's choice), 1 usuzukuri, choice of 2 special roll.

Roll & Hand Roll
Maki or Temaki for add'l charge on items #83 - 89 & 96 - 104 only. Substitute brown rice for add'l charge.
83. Avocado Cucumber Roll $3.25
84. Crunchy Chicken Roll
Crunchy chicken & avocado w/ eel sauce.
85. California Roll
Crab meat, avocado, cucumber & smelt egg.
86. Philadelphia Roll
Cream cheese, smoked salmon & avocado.
87. Baked Eel Avocado
Eel, avocado, crunch & eel sauce.
88. Crunchy Crab Meat
Crab meat, avocado, crunch & eel sauce.
89. Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp tempura, crab meat & eel sauce.
90. Ichiban Maki (6 pc.)
Assorted fish, cream cheese, avocado, tempura fried with eel sauce.
91. Dragon Roll
Kani, avocado, cucumber, eel, eel sauce.
92. Jilly Roll
Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, jalapeno & soy paper
93. Caterpillar Roll
Eel, avocado, shrimp decoration, eel sauce.
94. Fireworks Roll
Jalapeno stuffed with salmon, avocado, cream cheese deep fried topped with crab stick crunchy batter & spicy sauce.
95. Murphy Roll (10 pc.)
Snow crab meat, shrimp tempura, avocado, crunch wrapped w/ soy bean paper, eel sauce on top.
96. Tuna Roll $3.50
97. Salmon Roll $3.50
98. Spicy Salmon
Chopped spicy salmon & green onion.
99. Spicy Tuna
Chopped spicy tuna & green onion.
100. Spicy Yellowtail
Chopped spicy yellowtail & green onion.
101. Spicy Scallop
Scallop, green onion, spicy mayo, masago.
102. Rock N Roll (5 pcs.)
Shrimp tempura, kani, avocado, cucumber.
103. Crazy Roll (5 pc.)
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, avocado.
104. Spider Roll (5 pc.)
Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, masago.
105. Tiger Eye Maki (5 pc.)
Smoked salmon, cheese, jalapeno, masago.
106. Rainbow Maki
Kani, avocado, cucumber with assorted fish.
107. Volcano Maki
California roll topped with baked crawfish, crunch, spicy mayo, eel sauce, masago, green onion.
108. Spicy Roll
Spicy tuna, top w. spicy salmon, spicy mayo.
109. Spicy Crawfish Roll
Crabmeat, avocado, topped with crawfish, masago & spicy sauce. Spicy.
110. Tom Roll
Pepper tuna, jalapeno inside, 1/2 spicy tuna, 1/2 crab meat on top w/ wasabi mayo, tobiko & green onion.

Sushi & Sashimi Lunch
Served with choice of miso soup or onion soup or salad
Lunch Combo A
Sushi (salmon, tuna, shrimp, red snapper, white fish) crunch roll.
Lunch Combo B
Sashimi (4 pcs., Chef's choice), Sushi (4 pcs. salmon, tuna, shrimp, white fish) & California roll.
Lunch Combo C
Crunch crabmeat, rock n roll & spider roll.
Lunch Combo D
Seaweed salad, 4 pcs. sashimi (Chef's choice), 3 pcs. sushi (salmon, tuna & shrimp) & crazy roll.
Lunch Roll Combo
Any 2 rolls from our selection. Add one special roll for $9.50.

Hibachi Lunch
Served with salad, onion soup or miso soup, vegetables & steamed rice. Substitute fried rice or noodle with garlic sauce for add'l charge.
HL1. Vegetable Hibachi Lunch $10.00
HL2. Chicken Hibachi Lunch (5oz) $11.00
HL3. Filet Salmon Hibachi Lunch (5oz) $12.00
HL4. Calamari Steak Hibachi Lunch (5oz) $12.00
HL5. New York Steak Hibachi Lunch (5oz) $13.00
HL6. Jumbo Shrimp Hibachi Lunch (6 pcs.) $12.00
HL7. Jumbo Scallop Hibachi Lunch (4oz) $13.00
HL8. Filet Mignon Hibachi Lunch $15.00

Side Orders for Hibachi Lunch
Can Only Be Ordered with Hibachi Meals
SL1. Chicken (5oz) $5.00
SL2. Shrimp (4 pcs.) $5.00
SL3. Jumbo Scallop (4oz) $8.00
SL4. New York Steak (5oz) $8.00
SL5. Calamari Steak (5oz) $6.00
SL6. Salmon Filet (5oz) $7.00

Lunch Bento Box
Served w/ onion soup or salad, 4 pc. California roll, hibachi vegetable & steamed or fried rice
L1. Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box $9.95
L2. Beef Teriyaki Bento Box $12.95
L3. Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box $12.95
L4. Shrimp Teriyaki Bento Box $12.95
L5. Chicken Katsu Bento Box $9.95
L6. Tofu Teriyaki Bento Box $9.95

Hibachi Dinner
Served w/ Salad or onion soup, 2 shrimp, vegetable & steamed rice. Substitute fried rice or noodle with garlic sauce for add'l charge.
DH1. Vegetable Hibachi Dinner $12.00
DH2. Chicken Hibachi Dinner (8oz) $15.00
DH3. Calamari Steak Hibachi Dinner (7oz) $17.00
DH4. Salmon Filet Hibachi Dinner (8oz) $19.00
DH5. Jumbo Shrimp Hibachi Dinner (14 pcs.) $19.00
DH6. New York Steak Hibachi Dinner (8oz) $22.00
DH7. Jumbo Scallop Hibachi Dinner (8oz) $22.00
DH8. Filet Mignon Hibachi Dinner (8oz) $27.00
DH9. Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner $28.00
DH10. Chicken (5oz) & Steak (5oz) Hibachi Dinner $23.00
DH11. Chicken (5oz) & Shrimp (8 pcs.) Hibachi Dinner $23.00
DH12. Chicken (5oz) & Scallop (4oz) Hibachi Dinner $24.00
DH13. Shrimp (8 pcs.) & Steak (5oz) Hibachi Dinner $25.00
DH14. Shrimp (8 pcs.) & Scallop (4oz) Hibachi Dinner $25.00
DH15. Steak (5oz) & Scallop (4oz) Hibachi Dinner $26.00
DH16. Filet Mignon (4oz) & Scallop (4oz) Hibachi Dinner $28.00
DH17. Chicken (5oz) & Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner $30.00
DH18. Steak (5oz) & Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner $32.00
DH19. Filet Mignon (4oz) & Lobster Tail Hibachi Dinner $35.00
DH20. Assorted Seafood Hibachi Dinner
Shrimp (6 pcs.), Scallop (4oz), Lobster Tail.
DH21. House Special Hibachi Dinner (For 2)
Shrimp (8 pcs.), Scallop (4oz), Chicken (5oz), Steak (5oz), Lobster Tail.

Side Orders for Hibachi Dinner
Can Only Be Ordered with Hibachi Meals
S1. Side of Fried Rice, Noodle or Vegetable $2.50
S2. Chicken (5 oz.) $6.00
S3. Shrimp (6pc.) $8.00
S4. Calamari (5 oz.) $8.00
S5. New York Steak (5 oz.) $9.00
S6. Jumbo Scallop (4 oz.) $10.00
S7. Filet Mignon (4 oz.) $12.00
S8. Lobster Tail $16.00

Entrees From the Kitchen
Served with onion soup and salad, steamed rice or fried rice.
TK1. Chicken Teriyaki Entree
Grilled chicken & vegetables with teriyaki sauce.
TK2. Beef Steak Teriyaki Entree
Grilled New York steak & vegetables with teriyaki sauce.
TK3. Grilled Chilean Sea Bass Entree
Grilled Chilean sea bass marinade in miso dressing.
TK4. Chicken Katsu Entree
Deep fried chicken cutlet coated with bread crumbs served with katsu sauce.
TK5. Toko Tofu Entree
Deep fried fresh tofu with ginger, garlic & spicy teriyaki sauce.
TK6. Ebi Tempura Entree
Shrimp & vegetables in a delicate butter w/ tempura dipping sauce.
TK7. Salmon Teriyaki Entree
Grilled salmon & vegetables with teriyaki sauce.

Special Roll
Substitute brown rice for add'l charge.
H1. Shaggy Dog Roll
Tiger shrimp tempura, avocado topped with crab stick & 3 special sauce.
H2. Eel Special Roll
Lightly fried soft shell crab & cream cheese topped with avocado, baked eel, eel sauce & seaweed paper with sesame seed.
H3. S & M Roll
Tempura style spicy salmon & crab roll topped with avocado, spicy mayo & eel sauce.
H4. Dancing Salmon Roll
Crab meat, cream cheese, avocado topped with fresh salmon, masago creamy sauce baked, crunchy tempura flakes & eel sauce.
H5. Jason Roll
Assorted fresh fish, avocado top, with fresh salmon, tuna, white tuna, red snapper, scallop, soy paper, crunchy with tobio.
H6. Yoko Cheesy Roll
Shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon rolled with cheese, bacon, masago, green onions on the hot plate & eel sauce, spicy mayo.
H7. Hanna Roll
Crab meat, avocado rolled topped with baked eel, red masago, green onion & eel sauce.
H8. Hot Mama Roll
Shrimp, crab meat, soft shell crab, cream cheese wrapped in soybean paper lightly fried, spicy salmon, crunch, masago, spicy mayo & eel sauce.
H9. Flaming Volcano Roll
Crab meat, avocado rolled topped with spicy mayo sauce, baked tiger shrimp & scallop, masago, onion with flaming fire.
H10. Special Crunchy Roll
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese topped avocado with homemade spicy crab meat, sesame seeds, green onion, masago, eel sauce & crunchy.
H11. Howdy Roll
Grilled Angus beef, asparagus, cucumber rolled with seaweed & sushi rice topped with avocado deep fry green onions, tobiko & howdy sauce.
H12. Lobster Seafood Roll
Tempura lobster, avocado, rolled topped with red snapper tempura, spicy mayo with masago, pico de gallo, green onion, tobiko.
H13. Boston Roll
Lightly fried soft shell crab, avocado rolled topped with tuna, salmon, white fist, crunchy tempura flakes, spicy mayo and our special sauce with tobiko.
H14. Outlet Roll
Fresh tuna, salmon, cucumber rolled topped with fresh tuna, salmon, yellowtail, grilled eel & avocado, crunchy tempura flakes, green onions, masago & our special sweet sauce.
H15. Houston Roll
Lightly fried crawfish, avocado topped with pepper tuna, jalapeno with ponzu & honey wasabi sauce, green onion.
H16. Rainbow Spider Roll
Deep fried soft shell crab, avocado topped with salmon, tuna, shrimp, red snapper, masago & onions.
H17. Crazy Salmon Roll
Spicy salmon, avocado, jalapeno inside, top with salmon, salmon roe, green onion.
H18. Monkey Roll
Fresh salmon, avocado top mango, with mango sauce & tobigo.
H19. Texas Roll
Shrimp tempura, jalapeno, cream cheese inside, topped with spicy salmon, crunch flakes, tobiko & eel sauce.
H20. LSU Roll
Snow crab, crawfish, cream cheese with soybean paper, tempura style with spicy mayo eel sauce.

Kid's Menu
K1. Kid's Chicken Katsu & Fries $9.00
K2. Kid's Chicken Nugget (8 pcs.) & Fries $9.00
K3. Kid's Jumbo Shrimp (6oz) & Fries $11.00
K4. Kid's Hibachi Shrimp (6oz), Vegetables & Fried Rice $11.00
K5. Kid's Hibachi Chicken (5oz), Vegetables & Fried Rice $10.00
K6. Kid's Hibachi New York Steak (5oz), Veggies & Fried Rice $11.00

Yoko Party Menu

Ice Cream
Vanilla, chocolate or green tea.
Banana Tempura $4.50
Ice Cream Tempura
Vanilla or green tea.
Mochi Ice Cream (2 pcs.)
Vanilla, green tea or red bean.
Raspberry Chimi $4.95
New York Cheesecake $4.55
Lemon Mascarpone Cake $4.95
Chocolate Cake $4.95

Organic Flower Tea

Fountain Drinks
Choose from our selection.
Iced Tea
Sweet tea or unsweetened tea.
Bottled Water $1.99
Flavored Iced Tea
Mango, peach or raspberry.
Japanese Hot Green Tea $2.95
Coffee $2.95
Milk $2.95
Shirley Temple $2.95
Cherry Coke $2.95
Cherry Dr Pepper $2.95
Choose from our selection.
Japanese Soda
Original, melon or strawberry.
Tonic Water $2.95
Club Soda $2.95
Sparkling Water $2.95
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